Business Challenges

GRT Solved

Data Modernization and Business Challenges Solved

GRT is frequently engaged to solve a variety of business problems. The following is a brief overview of the challenges for which our professionals have applied their expertise to create high caliber, viable, timely, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

  • Provide immediate access to mission-critical information to meet demands of dynamic global competitive marketplace.
  • Replace siloed strategic planning with a seamless, collaborative process that aligns business strategies, business measures (KPIs), and business initiatives.
  • Develop single, web-based access point personalized for individual business users to facilitate integrated reporting, collaborative business analysis and proactive decision making.
  • Leverage business intelligence tools to develop LOB marketing/sales analysis, understand customer profitability, retention and cross-sell opportunities, and reduce IT/operational costs.
  • Create interactive executive cockpit or performance management dashboards to quickly gauge the “health of the business”
  • Build operational data stores/data warehouses/data marts that can harness data assets to support CRM, SCM, HR and operational initiatives.
  • Improve data quality and metadata management processes to ensure enterprise-wide data consistency, accuracy, completeness and precision