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Intelligent, Edge-Based Industrial IoT

The PowerLink Platform

The PowerLink Platform is a distributed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that delivers comprehensive connectivity, analytics, and control to industrial organizations. PowerLink’s edge-based intelligence and data processing provide real-time insights, allowing for faster response times that improve safety, security, and reliability.

  • PowerLink connects multiple data streams for advanced analytics, extracting actionable, real-time insights.
  • PowerLink has applications for utility power grids and equipment across industrial, energy, and discrete manufacturing industries.


PowerLink’s Edge-Based IIoT architecture enables data collection and processing closer to its origin, ensuring the best possible efficiency and predictive capabilities. By processing data at the edge, PowerLink minimizes latency and bandwidth requirements as well.

High-frequency sensors

Using remote smart sensors and edge-based data processing, analyze large volumes of data from electrical equipment while reducing the amount of data that needs to be transmitted to the cloud.

Data processing

Sensor data is processed more efficiently when done locally before their analyses are transferred securely via ethernet, Wi-Fi, or high-speed mobile connectivity.

Emergency analytics & controls

Electric measurements with high sampling rates rapidly detect sudden performance changes, anticipate upcoming equipment failures, and minimize impact from downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Go beyond the value of self-service reporting and historical data discovery with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Prevent costly equipment damage and losses by aligning real-time data capture, processing, and analytics with meaningful insights and real business outcomes.

Failure Prevention

Predict and prevent both common and complex potential failures associated with power, motor, stator, rotor, and load elements through predictive, condition-based maintenance of your critical equipment.

Data Visualization

With embedded controls, you get accurate visibility and guidance to make decisions more quickly and easily. Thanks to the real-time mapping of data streams, geographic visualizations, and both local and global views, users will never miss important insights.

Purpose-Built & Flexible UI

Enhance your user experience with built-in, purpose-built dashboards or leverage PowerLink’s open and flexible API to integrate its tools with your preferred user interface.


Take full advantage of unlimited scalability and processing power. Cloud-native software and data storage ensure your data is always available when needed.

Data Storage

Distributed data repositories make real-time processing and analytics possible via a high-speed in-memory grid. PowerLink’s distributed historian enables users to directly query data for a variety of operations and inquiries.

Self-Learning AI

PowerLink’s cloud-based, self-learning AI analyzes data patterns to predict failures before they happen. Machine learning algorithms constantly update as new data is collected, helping your teams prevent incidents and optimize operations with minimal additional labor.

Prescriptive Analytics

By analyzing data in real time, PowerLink can provide insights that would otherwise be missed. Its cloud-based prescriptive analytics capabilities provide consistent recommendations for actions that improve safety, performance, and reliability.


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Applications Across Industries

Organizations across industries are already using advanced analytics from GRT for a wide variety of applications and use cases.

Power & Utilities

Monitor and predict grid stability issues, automate


Oil &Gas

Prevent downtime, optimize production, and improve